Friday, March 03, 2006

Sweet Potatoe

Earlier this week I crocheted the head and body of a teddy bear. I've done it in Patons sock yarn in an orange/brown color. To make it interesting I did the ears in olive green. Based on my color choice I have played with calling it spice or pumpkin but I think I will call it Sweet Potatoe.

Wednesday I started on one of the legs for my new teddy bear only made it as far as the ankel (the feet are also in the olive green, the legs will be orange). Last night I decided I should do the other foot so they would be the same size. I had noted I was using a size 6 crochet hook so thats what I used for the second foot. By the time I got to the ankel I realized I had used a 9 on the other foot!. So I started over. Kept the bigger foot for another day

I hope to finish it over the weekend. I am considering crocheting a vine to wrap around it if I can downsize the pattern I have

I have to do the head for class 4 tonight so I may not get much done on this bear tonight. Once I'm done I will post a picture

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