Thursday, December 13, 2007

More squares for "Share a Square" I will mail them tomorrow along with some skeins of black yarn

Dear Abby

Shelley is have a contest over at here is my entry

Dear Abby,

Tell me, what’s a girl got to do to get a change of wardrobe? It’s green, nothing but green! And the accessories! Between the strap of the quiver cutting cross the bossom and the hassle at security check points on the arrows, it’s enough to make a girl stay home. Also, why does everyone thinks it’s my responsibility to keep track of the Merry Men? I have enough problems keeping the Sheriff off my back.

Yours truly,

Robin of Locksley

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Christmas Decorations

Christmas has come to our house. We decorated the fountain are and put up the tree in the house. One of my nephews will put up the snow globe later. I've go him blowing leaves right now.


My plan is to do one square a day

Thursday, December 06, 2007

What is your Best Blogging Achievement Contest

Shelly over at has entered a contest “What is your best blogging achievement?”, prize is $100 which Shelly will use towards postage and yarn for the "Share A Square" project. I am all for supporting her effort in addition to the squares I am crocheting for her project by giving you my vote.

I read the blogs for the other eight contestants and had a hard time picking my second and third choices and none of them were on topics of which I have interest. I mainly check out blogs about crocheting, knitting, and crafts. But having said that I did find useful information on two of the blog sites: learning-my-best-achievement-in-blogging
and and I have saved them to my favorites for future inspection.

I'm still learning how to do this whole blogging thing so I hope I have linked to correctly so my votes count

Monday, December 03, 2007


Last week I started a dolls head and then realized I did not have the right size eyes (all of them were too large). So I went on line to order more eyes. The site I found didn't have online ordering so I printed out an order page and was going to send in the order the next Monday. In the meantime, what to crochet? I pulled out a purse pattern and then went to search my statch of yarn for the right colors. As I searched I kept running across WIP (some over five years old). I then decided, no new projects until I finished the old ones. So I sorted through my yarn and orgainized the WIP, never knowing I had so many.

Well my resolve to finish WIP before starting anything new didn't last long. I found a pattern for Cranberry sauce and just had to make one for my nephew. And then I found a site putting together afghans for the kids at a cancer camp. They need 6" squares

Go to This Eclectic Life for updates

Cranberry sauce

I found this pattern at and had to make it for my nephew. Made a slight change by adding slices to the plate. There is also a pattern for Indian corn that I might do next