Monday, December 03, 2007


Last week I started a dolls head and then realized I did not have the right size eyes (all of them were too large). So I went on line to order more eyes. The site I found didn't have online ordering so I printed out an order page and was going to send in the order the next Monday. In the meantime, what to crochet? I pulled out a purse pattern and then went to search my statch of yarn for the right colors. As I searched I kept running across WIP (some over five years old). I then decided, no new projects until I finished the old ones. So I sorted through my yarn and orgainized the WIP, never knowing I had so many.

Well my resolve to finish WIP before starting anything new didn't last long. I found a pattern for Cranberry sauce and just had to make one for my nephew. And then I found a site putting together afghans for the kids at a cancer camp. They need 6" squares

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