Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Freezer Assets

I started a new project. Freezing meals. I was trying to determine the best way to ensure my mom, who lives with me, ate during the day while I am at work. We had tried the local "meals on wheels" but the food did not appeal to her and it was often left outside on a shelf. While goggling I came upon a site that discussed creating enough meals to last for a month. This was more than I wanted but it got me thinking about breakfasts and lunches I could plan ahead and would require very little preparation on my Mom's part. Mom has trouble standing for any lenght of time. Just standing in front of the stove to cook an egg has prove too much for her. I have started small with pancakes & waffles for breakfast. I have also started freezing my left overs immediatly after each meal rather than assume we will eat them for the next meal. So I now have enought mashed potatoes for two meals, a roast, bacon, sweet potatoes and gravy, just waiting for when I need them.

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